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Rare full tempered nagamaki reshaped for use as a katana. As Nagamaki became less used during the early Edo period, good nagamaki were then reshaped so that they could be used as katana or wakizashi. This nagamaki is still very healthy and long. The work even though not completely visible in the pictures, is full temper (hitatsura). There is temper all along the shinogi which is a continuation from the main hamon. Nie-deki, this sword has plenty to look at, and would be a fine addition to any collection. Hada is a itame , but is hard to see because of all of the temper in the ji. Nagamaki katana are generally not that common, so it is a pleasant surprise to have a few on our site. This one is the longest and in very good condition as well as polish. Copper habaki, nice shirasaya. Tang is unsigned greatly shortened with 2 holes. This sword must have been of a monstrous length when it was original.
Time Period
Koto Period
Unsigned- signature lost due to shortening
Cutting Edge 28 ¾"
Width at habakimoto 1.25"


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