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Beautiful sword by Dotanuki Munekage. He was one of the better smiths from Kumamoto (Higo) during the Shinshinto period. He studied under the famous Suishinshi Masahide who was probably the best sword making teacher during the Shinshinto period.
Munekage, who is referred to as a samurai by some books, say that he wanted to learn how to make swords, thus went to study under Masahide. Many swords that we have seen are often utsushimono (Copies of older famous swords). As is the case of this sword, it looks to be a copy of a Soshu Sadamune, with the wide body, large point, double grooves and Soshu style carving. The hamon is also reminiscent of Sadamune, with notare done in nie-deki. The grain is an itame, with some O hada in places that looks like older Soshu. The sword has a very strong shape, and with the excellent horimono, has a stately appeal. Tang is original, 1 hole with special personal signature. In top Japanese polish, with habaki made by Nakata san (Mukansa) and new shirasaya. Accompanied with a NTHK kanteisho.
Time Period
Higo Kuni Kumamoto Kishi Hagi Tsuguemon Jo Fujiwara Munekage Saku
The words “Kishi” meaning is like soldier/warrior.

Tempo Shishi Nen Hachi Gatsu Hi (1836 August)
NTHK kanteisho

Length of cutting edge 68.4cm Width at habakimoto 3.5cm


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