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Nanbokucho katana attributed to Osafune Nariiye. NBTHK Tokubestu Hozon Token with a beautiful sayagaki by Tanobe sensei of the NBTHK attributtes this sword as Nariiye from the Bizen Osafune School who was active during the 1300's also known as the Nanbokucho jidai. Wide bodied sword with a very large kissaki (Okissaki) show the characteristics of the swords from the Nanbokucho period that were influenced by the Soshu tradition. Done in Soden-Bizen style, this sword resmbles those of Chogi and Kanemitsu in shape and style. Hamon is gunome midare with ashi and yo. Utsuri appears on the ji. There are some slight openings, but for a sword of this age and importance it is allowable, thus the achievement of the tokubetsu hozon paper. Shape is very strong, and stout. Polished in japan, with a top level shirasaya and habaki, this sword also has good length as well. Nice deep groove carved and runs through the tang, tang being unsigned due to shortening. It is very hard to find real Nanbokucho swords at a reasonable price for study or enjoyment. Bear in mind that the just the restoration costs, and the Tokubetsu Hozon paper are around $3700.
Time Period
Nanbokucho Period 1360's
Unsigned, signature lost due to shortening- Attributed to Osafune
Nariiye NBTHK Tokubestu Hozon Token
Blade cutting length is 28.63 inches (72.71cm)
Blade Width (at habaki) is 1.31 inches (33.33mm)

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