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Nice wakizashi signed "Noshu Seki Jumyo". Tang is original, 1 hole very good condition and patina. This maker worked around the 1660's, and did work in the Mino style. Nie makes up a very active and flamboyant hamon, nice ashi, sunagashii and kinsuji appear throughout the hamon of gunome , mixed with some choji midare. Ji-nie is very heavy in spots, and tobiyaki appears. Boshi is very healthy, almost with a togari kaeri. Hada is a large grained mokume mixed with masame. Chikei is present, well defined. In good polish, with one very, very small grain separation in the ji. Nice stout shape, retaining all of its character due to being all original, shape never having been altered. Nice shirasaya with a silver foil habaki. NBTHK paper. One note, this sword would make a very good companion as a "Dai-sho" with the Jumyo katana that is also for sale.
Time Period
1660"s Kanbun goro
Original tang signed "Noshu Seki Jumyo" NBTHK green paper
1 shaku 3 sun 5 bu (15.75 inches or 40cm)

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