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Nice Shinshinto sword by Sakushu Nobushige. He is from Mimasaka, which is the province that the great Miyamoto Musashi came from. This is a nice blade, with a Soshu styled hamon of notare-suguha with VERY long big kinsuji. This is a nice sword that is in an old polish. There is a lot to see and learn in such a sword, and it is very well made. The nie along the hamon is very clear to see, and if you follow some of the large kinsuji, some of them go along almost the whole length of the blade. Kuichigaiba and nijuba appear along the hamon. Tang is original and signed and dated. Blade is clean old polish. A very nice silver habaki that is original accompanies this sword. In WW2 gunto mounts.
Time Period
Saku Shu Ju Nobushige
Keio Ga Nen Ju Gatsu Hi (1865 Oct.)
Signatures guaranteed to pass NBTHK Hozon up to 1 year after purchase if sent through our services .
Length of cutting edge 27 ½


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