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Katana signed "Echizen Ju Sagami no Kami Fujiwara Kunitsuna. Wide ,clean Shinto Katana with a beautiful choji midare temper. Ashi, yo ,kinsuji make up a very flamboyant temper that shows the skill of the smiths from the Echizen School. Nice curvarure, combined with the healthy width create a wonderful shape for an nice example of a solid Shinto piece. Wide grooves cut on both sides give the sword a nice touch and only add to its beauty. Tang is original, one hole with nice patina. Kunitsuna was one of the smiths that worked in the Echizen Shimosaka mon. Accompanied by a very clean ,nice WW2 army officers mount.All in all a very nice sold sword.
Time Period
Kanbun goro 1600's
Echizen Ju (Ura) Sagami no Kami Fujiwara Kunitsuna (Omote)
Guaranteed to paper at the NBTHK up to 1 year after purchase
Length  69.7cm (27.44 inches)

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