Bird's Head Tachi

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Very rare, hardly seen "Birdshead tachi" Usually when you only see such an item it is only in the books. This type of tachi was usually in use for formal occassions in the imperial household. Sometimes called a "court" tachi. Very, very heavy kashira of a bird's head done in gold. This is such an amazing piece of work, it looks even better in person. Handle is covered with very nice "same" or rayskin, without wrapping as is the style for this type of tachi. Other decorations on the handle are small bales of rice for good fortune with the original mekugi. Fuchi is also gold with nice carving of scrolling vines. tsuba is also gold in the court type style. Original seppa (washers) as well as the tsuba. Now the scabbard is really a knockout, gold nashiji (pearskin) lacquer with takamakie (high relief) gold lacquer of the Tokugawa mon with scrolling vines. Fittings on the saya are the same design of scrolling vines matching the fuchi. All are done in gold. Temper is straight with small activity inside. There are 2 holes. On one side there is a nice carving of a dragon chasing a ball, and on the other is what is called "Bonji" or Sanskrit characters with a rendai. Blade is in good shape, I cannot see any openings or flaws except some very small nicks in the edge. This is a great chance for any collector to buy a very seldom seen piece!!!!!
Time Period
Late 1800s to Early 1900s
Kanesada - original tang
Length  73.82cm (29 1/16 inches)


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