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Set 6

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Set of shakudo fittings
Set of shakudo fittings design of chrysanthemums. Tsuba is very nice, solid shakudo plate with design of mass chrysanthemums in gold and shakudo. Design is attractive, and shows quite a bit of work. Rim edge is done in gold and has some wear. Menuki are of same design, but seem to have more age to them. In good condition, they have a feeling of "age" to them. Possibly placing them in the Momoyama period would not be out of line. They are well carved and done in very dark black shakudo with gold for the flowers. The fuchi kashira are fair, design has chrysanthemums and leaves. Done on a shakudo nanako background with shakudo , gold and silver used for the design. Shakudo shitodome are included. All in al a nice set for a fair price for shakudo fittings.
Time Period
Tsuba - Momoyama-Early Edo Period
Fuchi Kashira - Early-Mid Edo Period
Menuki - Momoyama Period
All Unsigned
Top-Bottom - 2.61"
Side-Side - 2.43"
Length - .91"
Width - .48"
Height - 1.52"
Width - .88"
Side Width - .39"
Height - 1.33"
Width - .71"

Matched Set Fittings
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