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Set 3

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Very good set, called "Futadokoro"
Very good set, called "Futadokoro", meaning 2 piece matching set usually associated with either kozuka with menuki or kozuka and kogai.  This is a very nice set especially for the month of January.  Theme is “Matsu-biki” or what is a baby pine tree.  The meaning is that of something young and strong that will last a long time (lifetime) of good luck and fortune.  Very high quality, this looks like no question to be work from the Goto tradition.  Black shakudo with fine nanako for the kozuka.  High quality gold for the main design with very accurate and fine carving.  Menuki are also of very high quality with use of silver and gold on the black shakudo base.  All the materials used are very high grade, as well as the quality of the carving.  In a custom box, and a note that this set was published once in a Japanese book as a very nice example of the workmanship as well as the design.

Excellent condition.
Time Period
Mid - Edo
Unsigned - many presentation Goto works were unsigned
Length - 3.81" (96.8mm)
Width - .57" (14.6mm)
Length - 1.66" (42.3mm)

Matched Set Fittings
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