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Set 1
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Excellent Mitokoromono by Goto Eijo 6th Mainlne Master
Very elegant 3 piece matched set known as a mitokoromono by Goto Eijo. This set was obviously custom ordered as the theme is one that is not seen. Well carved out of top dark deep black shakudo, the kogai, kozuka and menuki are meticulously done in very fine detail. As in most cases, special order work is usually better than the average, and this set shows the great artistic sense that Goto Eijo possessed. The use of gold for the family mons on the box for writing utensils are done in great detail. The fine carving is also well defined for the cords. As is the case with all mainline Goto, the nanako background is done in perfect fashion. But, what is really amazing is that this set is from the 1500’s. and in this great condition. True sets as these from the early Goto makers are very rare. They were well regarded and collected so much that many sets were put together from different generations if they were the same subject. In this particular case, such a special subject had to be custom ordered as a set as opposed to those of shishi or dragons which are more commonly seen. Goto Eijo is the 6th mainline master of the famous Goto School. He is the son of Goto Tokujo and became the 6th master after his skill level was determined to be masterful. This set was “hidden” in a old collection for many years, and in this collection were examples of many good kodougu makers. Recently papered by the NBTHK to Goto Eijo. In a custom box. A rare chance to own the quality work of one of the early masters from the Goto School.
Time Period
Unsigned – NBTHK attributed to Goto Eijo

Matched Set Fittings
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