Rare Osaka Koto Signed Yari - Kanekiyo

Item #610


Sankaku Yari by Kanekiyo who worked in the Osaka region during the Koto period. Yari is very well made and there are NO Kizu. Hamon is a nice suguha with ko gunome ashi. Hamon is done in ko nie deki, with some activity of kinsuji and kuichigaiba. The grain pattern is a well made ko itame with small chikei. The blade is in very good condition in an old polish. The tang is ubu 1 hole, and has a long signature. The shirasaya is also in nice condition as well. Even though there is no paper for this yari, we can guarantee that the signature is genuine and will pass NBTHK shinsa. There is a maker listed who worked in 1532 from Sanshu with the same Monju Shiro in his name. We believe that this is the same maker and probably moved to Osaka when he made this yari.
Time Period
Signed Sesshu Osaka Ju Monju Shiro Fujiwara Kanekiyo
Length of blade - 15.3 cm

Rare Osaka Koto Signed Yari - Kanekiyo

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