Omi Yari - Kanabo

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Large Omi yari by the well known Kanabo School. The Kanabo School was well versed in making pole arms, and many were used for the heavy fighting during the Sengoku Jidai of civil wars. Their reputation as weapons was well known, and many samurai wanted their pole arms for use in real battle. This yari is of a very large size that was popular among samurai that excelled in the art of spearmanship. The Kanabo School worked in the Yamato style, and often their works are mistaken for those of older blades from the Kamakura period. This yari has a well done midare done in the typical Kanabo style. Masame grain pattern shows well in the Ji. Boshi is very healthy and has activity. The blade is clean, and has some grain openings. Kizu such as this are common in Kanabo School pieces, but yet they were still well thought of as working pieces for the Bushi. This type of yari is known as an Omi yari. It is 3 sided with a large groove on the flat side. The tang has a full signature with a very rare number on the reverse. It is said that in some cases, a Daimyo would order many spears for his arsenal, and in these cases they would be numbered. Accompanied with a short pole and ishizuka in good condition.
Time Period
Late Koto period 1500ís
Kanabo Haitonosuke Masazane - NTHK Kanteisho by Yoshikawa Kentaro
Length of blade - 23 3/4"
Length of Tang - 23 1/16"
Total Length - 46 13/16"


Omi Yari - Kanabo

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