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Katana unsigned from the Nanbokucho Bizen School. Attributed to Osafune Yoshikage, this blade shows the traits of a sword from the mid 1300's. Yoshikage is said to be the son of Chikakage, but in some books he is also said to have been the son in law of Nagayoshi. The hamon of sugu - midare, has gunome in places. Kinsuji, inazuma appear throughout the hamon, but are hard to see due to an old dull polish. Utsuri appears in the ji that is made up of mokume with itame. Chikei is seen. The boshi is interesting, having a strong Kaen feature. However, this blade has some Kizu in places, but has shown enough characteristics to be attributed to Yoshikage.The tsuka has copper fuchi kashira with a design of scrolling vines, the menuki are what looks like shakudo plants with gold highlites. The tsuba is signed Echizen Ju Kinai, and is iron sukashi work of a dragon. The scabbard looks like it was redone,but nice in an ishime black style. The kojiri matches the Fuchi Kashira. Custom sword box included.

Time Period
Mid 1300's

Unsigned - NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Token to Osafune Yoshikage


Cutting edge - 27.4 inches (69.6cm)

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