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Katana in nice wave mountings. This sword, that has been attributed to the maker Goto Masahiro. Masahiro was a sword smith from the province of Higo. He studied under Masanao who was associated with the Suishinshi School. This blade is very large and heavy in its proportions. The hamon of Suguha - ko notare is made up of Nie. Sunagashii appears in places. The jigane is a running itame with masame. Chikei and Ji nie are present. The blade is in good polish, and the boshi is healthy. The kissaki is an extended Chu style that was popular during the early 1800's. The tang is original, unsigned with 1 hole.
The mountings are very nice. The shakudo set of waves (Fuchi Kashira, Koiguchi and Kojiri) are very nice, probably Owari Kinko. The menuki are of shakudo dragons. The tsuba is interesting as it is most likely that of Satsuma origin.The thin iron plate has a kebori design of mountains, with the extra hole that Satsuma tsuba are known to have. The scabbard is a very nice lacquer of what is a design of nets and waves. The base is red ishime, with the detail done in roiro black. There is some damage on the scabbard. But all in all a very nice package.

Time Period

Unsigned - With older NTHK Kanteisho certificate from Yoshikawa Sensei to Goto Masahiro


Cutting edge 77.8 cm (30.63 inches)

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