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Katana attributed to Osafune Tadamitsu. Tadamitsu was a well known smith from the late Koto era. Swords from the Bizen School were very well thought of, representative smiths are Sukesada, Tadamitsu , Kiyomitsu and Norimitsu. The hamon is a gunome midare with notare mixed in. Sunagashii is seen in places. Unfortunately there are openings in the hamon (see pics). The jigane is a mokume with masa mix. Chikei is seen in the ji along with some faint utsuri. The tip has a very small bend that can be repaired rather easily. Blades of this length were known as katate-uchi or one hand cutters. These were common during the Muromachi era. In shirasaya and good polish.

Time Period



Bizen Kuni Ju Osafune _____/ Kyotoku Ni Nen Hachi Gatsu Hi - Blade accompanied with an NTHK Yusaku kanteisho to Tadamistu. Not to be confused with a yushusaku award


Cutting edge 61.8cm


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