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A very good gendaito by Masayasu in a shirasaya. This blade is very nice with lots of Soshu activity. The temperline is nie-deki suguha ko-midare. A beautiful hada of ko-itame and masame running through it with lots of ji-nie. There is chikei that runs nearly the length of the blade. The blade is in full polish with a few light small scuffs and with a very small chip off the tip (1mm or less). Boshi is kaen (ends in a flame-shape) with some fine brushing. This smith worked in Aichi and is written up in John Slough's book, "Modern Japanese Swordsmiths 1868-1945," p. 108. Respected Smith Mano Masayasu (4th seat 1941 Exhibitiion). This is a very high quality gendaito. Signature guaranteed to pass NBTHK Hozon if sent through us.

Time Period
Signed - "Bishu ju Masayasu" (尾州住正泰)

Cutting Edge Length (Nagase) - 26 7/16 inches (67.2 cm)
Width (Motohaba) - 1.28 inches (3.26 cm)
Thickness (Kasane) - 0.315 inches (8.0 mm


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