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Wakizashi mounted in a nice shirasaya. Blade has been attributed to the Kai Mihara School by the NTHK. Blade has a strong suguha hamon made up of nie. The jigane is a tight itame with some masame. There is some slight loosness in a few areas in the ji, and some shingane starting to show in place. The shape is unusual, being that of a shobu zukuri with a yokote line, but this blade may or may not be a nagamaki. Boshi is healthy with a Maru with a kaeri.In a good old polish, this blade shows the characteristics of a blade from the late Koto period. The Kai Mihara School was active in the Muromachi period, the last of the Mihara School that was famous in the Nanbokucho period. A quote from the Token Bijutsu magazine by the NBTHK explains it clearly:

"There is a school called 'Mihara' in Bingo Province of which the smiths were active from previous period. The school includes a considerable number of smiths, but there are few distinguished smiths and their workmanship does not show peculiarity so much. Also there is a term of 'Kai-Mihara' which it is used for the smiths of the school who were active in the end of the Muromachi Period, for instance 'Mihara Ju Kai Masazane'. They tempered chu-sugu-ha with few hataraki, occasionally o-midare based on gunome and forge whitish jigane. There are extant works of Masaoku, Masazane and Masanao."

Time Period
1500's Tenmon goro

Unsigned NTHK attributed to Kai Mihara.


Cutting edge Length - 20.28 inches (51.5) cm


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