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This katana is the exact sword published in the John Slough's book, Modern Japanese Swordsmiths, 1868 – 1945, page 100. Made by a top gendai smith, Katsumura Masakatsu (2nd generation) in old polish and mounted in a older shirasaya. This sword was special ordered for the city of Nukata located in Ibaraki Prefecture. Katsumura Masakatsu is a top rated gendaito sword smith. Katsumura Masakatsu's real name was Katsumura Masahiko and was born April 2, 1881. He is the son of the 1st generation Masakatsu. According to Modern Japanese Swordsmiths, 1868 – 1945, by John Scott Slough page 100, Katsumura Masakatsu is a High to Superior Grade Gendaito smith.

The blade is almost 29 inches and wide, in good old polish with some slight staining. The hamon is a suguba with ashi. The hada is itame with masame running through. Blade is in the Yamato tradition, which was the tradtional style of the his family. The blade is accompanied with a good shirasaya and silver habaki.

Here is a great opportunity to own a published blade from a high ranking smith.

Time Period
March 1935

Signed - "勝村常陸介源正勝作之" - Katsumura Hitachi no Suke Minamoto Masakatsu Saku Kore
Dated -"昭和 十年三月日"- Showa Ju Nen San Gatsu Hi - A day in March, 1935

Special Order
"寄贈 額田村" - Kizo Nukata-mura - Presented to the city of Nukata


Cutting Edge Length - 28 7/8 inches (73.3 cm)
Width (motohaba) - 1.36 inches (3.45 cm)

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