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From a long time collector a nice suriage mumei katana attributed to Harima Daijo Shigetaka (播磨大掾重高) from the Echizen province.

The shodai Shigetaka was originally from the Shinshu province, and moved to Mino to become a student of Kanenori. Later, Shigetaka moved to Echizen province. The Shigetaka school prospered in Echizen for 11 generation up to the end of the Edo period. Only the first three generations used the "Harima Daijo" title. This blade work is by the second generation (Nidai) Shigetaka during Kanei to Kanbun period. His works are similar to the the style of Yasutsugu, whom also worked in the Echizen province. He is rated as Chu-josaku by Fujishiro. The blade has a fine mokume hada with ji-nie and masame hada in the shinogi-ji, and a nice wide ko-nie deki gunome choji midare hamon with lots of ashi action in mostly nioi within the temper line. The boshi is midare komi. The blade shape is consistent with Kanbun Shinto work. The nakago is suriage, with two mekugi-ana with sujikai yasurimei. The blade is accompanied by a two-piece silver foil habaki and comes in a shirasaya.

The blade is in old polish and healthy, there are some small stains and should be put into proper polish.

Time Period
Around the Kanbun (寛文) Era (1661 - 1672)

Unsigned - NTHK attribution to Harima Daijo Shigetaka (播磨大掾重高)


Cutting edge 71.21cm (28.03 inches)
Width (motohaba) 30.32mm (1.193 inches)
Thickness 7.21mm (0.284 inches)

Katana - Shigetaka


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