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This is a beautiful long katana attributed to the famous Hizen Masahiro and Yukihiro. The hamon and workmanship of this sword is so well done it is easily attributed to either Hizen Masahiro or Yukihiro. The hamon is a fantastic gunome done in the famous style perfected by these 2 top Hizen smiths. Done in nie deki, this style of gunome is modeled after the Shizu School from the Kamakura/Nanbokucho period. Thick nioiguchi shows the high level of this sword (Hizen blades with a thick nioi guchi only are top works). Kinsuji with strong nie ashi make up the hamon activity. The hada is the famous fine "Hizen" jigane done in ko-itame. Chikei is present as well as ji nie. Boshi is very healthy done in hakkikake on one side, Hizen style on the other. Tang is shortened - osuriage mumei, but yet the sword is still over 29" in length. From a very old collection here in the states, the owner personally knew Yoshikawa Sensei of the NTHK, and I was told it was polished by Yoshikawa Sensei himself. That explains the beautiful and rare polish done in the "sashikomi" style. In shirasaya with a nice silver habaki. If this sword was signed, it would range in price from $20,000 US. For those that want the work without the price of the signature.

Time Period

Unsigned attributed to Hizen Kawachi no Kami Masahiro (NTHK old paper)/ Hizen Yukihiro (NBTHK certified)


Length of cutting edge - 29 1/8"


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