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Tairyusai Sokan (Soukan) was a well regarded sword smith from the School of Koyama Munetsugu. Sokan which can be read as Munehiro, is the top student of Munetsugu and there are Juyo Token by him. He is ranked as Jo-saku and is famous as one of the few smiths from the Shinshinto period for reproducing utsuri. He is also known for his sharpness, and there are many examples with tameshimei. His swords are well shaped as well as extremely well forged. As with this example that we have for sale , this sword is made in a very well knit ko-itame with utsuri. The hamon is a nice gunome choji midare with ashi. Bohi and sohi are expertly carved and give the sword an excellent balance. The boshi is very full and done in the style of midare with jizo. Some say that his swords are made just as well as his teacher, sometimes even surpassing Munetsugu's quality. This sword is flawless, in an extremely beautiful sashikomi polish by a mukansa polisher in Japan. Very well done gold foil habaki. Accompanied with a new shirasaya, with sayagaki by Tanobe sensei of the NBTHK, and NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon.

Time Period
Feb, 1858
Signed "Tairyusai Sokan Kore wo Tsukuru" (泰龍斎宗寛造之)
Dated "Ansei Go Nen Ni gatsu Hi" (安政二月日);Fifth Year of Ansei Second Month
NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Token with Tanobe Michihiro Sayagaki.
Cutting edge length - 27.2 inches (69.1 cm)

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