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Very nice Wakizashi from the Shinshinto period. Bizen Sukesada, but a rare signed example of a line from the Shinshinto period. Many Sukesada are from the late Koto period, and many are mass produced. Sukesada from the Shinshinto period are rarely sen, and are often confused as older pieces. The Sukesada name during the Shinshinto period was used by either Sukehira or Sukenaga in some cases as their early signature. Because of the yakidashi in the hamon, we can definitely see the Yokoyama School connection. The hamon is a well defined gunome midare, with ashi ko nie deki. The hada is a mix of ko itame with mokume. There is a very small nick on the edge, but otherwise the blade is in very nice condition. A very nice silver habaki with a Japanese made shirasaya complete the package.
Time Period
Signed Bishu Osafune Sukesada (Shinshinto) NBTHK Hozon
Length of blade - 12 3/8 inches

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