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A beautiful signed, dated and papered gendaito blade with a very nice original Army Gunto Mounts. The blade was made by Endo Mitsuoki (遠藤 光起). He was born in the Nigata prefecture in 1904, his real name is Endo Jinsaku . He was originally a self taught swordsmith, and later entered the Nihonto Tanren Denshujo (日本鍛練伝習場) in 1935. He made swords throughout the war. Endo Mitsuoki is listed as 上上作 JoJo Saku (“very high level”) in the Kurihara Hikosaburo´s rating Tosho Banzuke (刀匠番附 -“The swordsmith order”) from 1942. He continued making swords after the war and received the Munkansa in 1981, he passed away in 1997. Throughout his sword making years he received many awards, and also made swords for the Ise shrine and Yasukuni shrine.

The blade is in good polish and is thick with an itame hada. The hamon is gunome choji with lots of ashi. There are a couple of nail catcher nicks on the edge, but otherwise the blade is very healthy with no forging flaws and is accompanied with a NBTHK Hozon.
The mounts are in very good condition and complete with all parts stamped "38"and has a family mon on the tsuka.

Time Period
August, 1944

Signed - "越後国光起" - Echigo no Kuni Mitsuoki
Dated - "昭和十九年八月日" - Showa Jukyu-nen (Nineteenth year of Showa period, 1944)
Hachi gatsu hi (A day in August)


Cutting edge length - 26 5/8 inches (67.63 cm)
Sori - 0.61 inches (1.55 cm)
Width at hamachi - 1.23 inches (3.13 cm)
Kasane (thickness) - 0.32 inches (8.2 mm)

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