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A very nice wakizashi in polish by Tamba no Kami Yoshimichi. There was 11 generations of sword smiths in the Yamashiro Province that signed as such, with two main branches one in Kyoto and the other in Osaka. This sword is from the Osaka branch. Yoshimichi blades are rated Ryo-Wazamono (very good sharpness).
The blade has a well grained ko-itame hada with some ji-nie, and very classic Yoshimichi temper of sudare-ba hamon with swirls of nioi and fine ko-nie extending up almost to the shinoji. The nakago is ubu and nicely finished signed "Tamba (also written as Tanba) no Kami Yoshimichi" (丹波守吉道). There are a few openings and some looseness in the grain in the boshi, but otherwise a nice example of a Osaka Yoshimichi at a reasonable price. The blade is accompained by a nice two piece silver foil habaki and housed in a shirasaya, and comes with a NBTHK Hozon.

Time Period
Edo Period

Signed - "丹波守吉道" - Tamba no Kami Yoshimichi with NBTHK Hozon


Cutting edge Lenth (nagasa) - 16.8 inches (42.7cm)
Width (motohaba) - 1.17 inches (3.00 cm)
Thickness (kasane) - 0.25 inches (6.3 mm)

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