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Shinto Kyoto Katana by Tamba no Kami Yoshimichi. This sword is made by the fourth generation Yoshimichi. He was considered one of the more popular ones after the first and second. On one side, the classic hamon known as sudareba is clearly seen through an old polish. However, on the other side, the hamon has only a slight feeling of sudareba. The jigane is hard to see due to the condition of the polish, however, appears to be itame. There are some small kizu on the sashi-ura, in the manouchi and in the middle of the blade. The blade seems to have been shortened to be used in WWII. It has a strange set of mounts, part gunto, part uchigatana. The fuchi kashira are standard gunto, but the menuki (one of which is wrapped upside down) are of Hotei. They are done in shakudo and gold and seem to be of fair quality. The tsuba is done in Shoami style, with the design of a snail in the leaves. The scabbard is civilian type with damage to the lacquer and the kurikata is missing, however, it is restorable. The blade was probably polished during the Second World War when it was mounted to be taken into battle. It was probably a family's heirloom to be taken to war. With an NTHK Kanteisho by Yoshikawa Kentaro and also guaranteed to pass NBTHK hozon.

Time Period

(Kikumon) Tamba no Kami Yoshimichi - NTHK Kanteisho - Yoshikawa Kentaro


Cutting edge - 26.75 inches (67.95 cm)

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