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Long Shinto Katana made by the famous Ishido smith, Korekazu. This blade has a very classic hamon of gunome choji with very slight utsuri in the ji. Kinsuji is seen throughout the hamon, which is composed of nie. The jigane is a fine running itame with masame. Unfortunately, in one place along the hamon there is a razor blade slit type of kizu. The boshi is very healthy done in midare-komi, however, the tang has been slightly suriaged and machi raised. There is pitting on both sides of the tang, affecting parts of the signature, but this signature has been deemed genuine by the Yoshikawa NTHK group. Encased in a nice shirasaya and in a professional Japanese polish. Habaki is solid silver.

Time Period
Signed - "Musashi Daijo Fujiwara Korekazu" - Nidai - NTHK Yoshikawa Kanteisho

Cutting edge - 27.25 inches (69.22 cm)

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