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On consignment, Wakizashi with hamon of gunome midare with some valleys. Due to the current state of polish, the jigane is hard to see. The blade looks like it is made up of nioi. In the monouchi area on one side is a area of tobiyaki. Ashi appear in places. The boshi is healthy, and intact. The tang is ubu 2 holes and signed Izumi no Kami kanesada. There is some doubt about the authenticity of this signature.

The blade is mounted in a simple type of bukezukuri mounting. The tsuka has a brown ito wrap, the fuchi kashira are handachi style done in shakudo. The menuki are prancing horses, but the detail is hard to see as they are very dirty. The tsuba is an iron sukashi type most likely Shoami. The saya is a black roiro kizami saya with all the parts intact. It is in fair condition.

Time Period

Signed Izumi no Kami Kanesada (Not reliable)


Cutting Edge Length - 20.4 inches (51.8 cm)


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