International News

Japan: 3 swords were reported stolen from a museum in Japan in March 2001. Here is the information of these swords. It is very possible that these swords might find their way to unsuspecting collectors here in the United States or in Europe. If you have any information regarding these swords, please contact us at our e-mail address.


No 1 Kanemichi Katana
Length 67.9 cm
Sori 2.2 cm
Hole 1
Juyo Token #34 

No 2 Kanemoto Katana
Length 70.5 cm
Sori 1.2
Hole 2
Juyo Token #41 

No 3 Kaneyoshi Tachi
Length 70.4 cm
Sori  2.6 cm
Hole 1
Juyo Token #42



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