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Spectacular NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Kaga Goto Menuki Set

Item #813


Incredibly detailed menuki from the famous Kaga Goto School. The Kaga School of metal workers were made up of only the best during their times under the wealthy Maeda clan. The Maeda clan was one of the most wealthiest of all the Daimyo, and he hired the mainline Goto masters Kenjo and Teijo to work directly for him after their supposed retirement from the Tokugawa. When these masters worked for the Maeda, the works are called Kaga Goto, and are of course of very high quality. I my self have Kaga Goto in my own collection as the workmanship is very good and enjoyable. As one can see from these menuki, the ultra fine detail is spectacular. The condition is also very good, especially when considering their age (1600’s) Gold uttori (foil) and silver over deep dark shakudo make up the metals used for the design. The detail is so well done, this set was issued a Tokubetsu Hozon certificate showing that the high level of craftsmanship was appreciated by the judges at the NBTHK. You can even see into the pipe’s mouth, it is so well carved!
Time Period
NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon to Kaga Goto
1.22” long, .6” high, .2” thick

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