Fukurokuju one of the seven gods of fortune

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A very unusual depiction of Fukurokuju, one of the 7 gods of good fortune. This kozuka is done very well depicting the crane with the deer on the front to represent Fukurokuju. Done in various metals, this kozuka is really well done, and had to have been by a very talented artist. The use of so many different metals in the design, yet so sparingly just enough to accent each subject shows the skill level of the artist. On the back shows a shakudo shadow of what looks like a bat, which also make sthe design more interesting. As quoted from Wikipedia, "In many depictions, Fukurokuju has an abnormally high forehead. The sacred book tied to his staff either contains the lifespan of every person on earth or a magical scripture. He is accompanied by a crane and a turtle, which are considered to be symbols of longevity. He is also sometimes accompanied by a black deer (ancient legends say a deer turns black if it is over 2000 years old).He is the only member of the Seven Lucky Gods credited with the ability to revive the dead." In very good condition.
Time Period
Late Edo
length 9.7 cm
width 1.4cm

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