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Gendaito by famous smith Amada Sadayoshi. Amada Sadayoshi is the father of modern day living national treasure Amada Akitsugu. He made very high quality gendaito, and he was said to be a man of great pride. Also known to be a personal friend of Isoroku Yamamoto, the admiral that planned the Pearl Harbor attack, Yamamoto was also known to carry a Sadayoshi as his everyday personal sword. This sword is in excellent condition in a nice shirasaya with old sayagaki. Done in the style of a Kamakura period tachi, this sword has a very high classed elegant shape. The ko-kissaki with the deep groove along with the ashi based suguha temper is very reminiscent of an older blade. Very well mixed jigane of ko-itame with nice ji-nie. Hamon is made up of nie (please note very few WW2 period smiths did nie deki), there is very nice ashi all through the hamon. Tang is ubu 1 hole with signature and date. Very professionally done. If not for his early death, Sadayoshi would have gotten more recognition due to his high skill. Also, because he died at an early age, there are not very many swords left to represent him. But all examples that are available are all of very good quality and manufacture. A beautiful top class gold foiled habaki accompanies the sword as well. In gorgeous condition with NO flaws.
Time Period
Dated 1936, Feb.
Signed Echigo Kuni Ju Amada Sadayoshi
Showa Ju Ichi Nen Ni Gatsu Hi
Blade length (cutting edge) 26.5 inches
Motohaba (width at collar) 1 1/4 inches
Kasane (thickness) 7mm


Katana - Masatada

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