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Rare complete foul weather package ww2 Japanese Imperial Army officers sword. This is a highly collectable item as it still has the rare button blade lock, and the leather cover for the handle, both of which are in very good condition. This piece is a must for any serious military collector, even we do not see these this complete (i already have one in my personal collection or I would keep this one). A big plus is the fact that the blade is a very nice traditionally made sword by Imai Kaneyoshi. The blade has a very nice sugu gunome hamon with activity. This blade will be gorgeous when polished by a professional(we can recommend a very reputable polisher for this sword). All in all a rare and nice collectable item at a fair price.

Time Period
August 1945
Signed - Imai Kaneyoshi /Showa Ju Kyu Nen Hachi Gatsu Most likely from Noshu as there is 1 maker listed with this name during the 1940's

Cutting length is 65.4cm

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