Wakizashi - Koto Blade with Nice Koshirae


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Wakizashi in nice mounts and fresh polish. The blade is a nice osuriage (lost signature due to greatly being shortened). The hamon is a nice suguha with a slight notare. The blade's hamon is made up of very fine nie, with nice kinsuji here and there. The boshi is strong done in what looks like and Omaru form. The jigane is a very nicely knit itame with slight masame. The blade is in good condition..
The mounts are very nice. The handle has a nice shakudo set of dragon and waves. The menuki are shakudo dragons under a green old wrap. The tsuba is a nice nanban with a design of a water dragon. The seppa are old and gold foiled but with some damage. The habaki is a very nice one, 2 piece with gold foil. This show that this blade was well thought of, and the fact that the scabbard end is rounded, most likely part of a Dai Sho at one time. The kogai kozuka are missing, but this is also an indicator that this was held by someone up on the ladder of status. The lacquer is a very fine brushed mottled pattern that is very expensive if done today.

Time Period
Koto Period

Unsigned - should be put through a shinsa in Japan


Cutting edge - 16.34 inches (41.5 cm)

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