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Shingen Tsuba

Item #983


Very interesting tsuba known as a "Shingen" (信玄) tsuba. There are a few examples of this type of tsuba that supposedly originated from the Famous warlord Takeda Shingen. One story is that Takeda Shingen wrapped brass wire around a iron sukashi tsuba while waiting patiently before a major battle. Supposedly this kept him calm and focused and able to react and think in a clear manner when it counted. Because of this practice of his, many of his supporters followed in his actions and made these tsuba as well. Apparently, this habit carried on through the Edo period, as there are examples made during the 1600's -1700's. Basically, these type of tsuba are a large iron sukashi plate with brass wire wrapped in and out of the design. There is alot of time and effort put into the weaving of these tsubas design, and the few examples that are left are very interesting for collectors. A few strands are missing, but in otherwise good condition and excellent patina on the iron. Also comes with a tsuba box with 信玄鐔 "Shingen Tsuba" written on it.
Time Period
Edo Period

Top to bottom - 3.25 inches (8.27 cm)
Side to side - 2.93 inches (7.45 cm)
Thickness at seppa dai - 0.18 inches (4.6 mm)

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