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Shakudo Sea Creatures in a Basket Fuchi Kashira Set

Item #891


Fuchi kashira set done in the style of sea creatures in a basket. The base of the basket which is made of shakudo is done very well. The fine gold accents mimicking the braided rope are done with care. The kashira shows the bounty in the basket, a octopus and a fish lie within the basket and are done using mixed metals of red copper and shakudo. Gold accents highlight the animals. The workmanship is very good, but we cannot identify the artist at this time. Shinsa is recommended.
Time Period
Signed - Yasuchika - This is an unrecognized artist and is not listed in the Meikan.
Fuchi - 1.49 inches (3.78 cm) x 0.79 inches (2 cm) x 0.27 inches (0.69 cm)
Kashira - 1.35 inches (3.44 cm) x 0.665 inches (1.69 cm) (with shitodome) x 0.21 inches (0.53 cm)


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