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Katana - Special Ordered Gassan Sadakatsu with Army Gunto Mounts


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Katana by Gassan Sadakatsu made for the birth of the Imperial Prince Masahito.
Gassan Sadakatsu (貞勝) was born in Meiji two (明治, 1869) as the first son of Gassan Sadakazu (貞一) in Yariyamchi, Osaka. His real name was Gassan Eitarō (月山英太郎). He learned swordmaking under his father in the very early years of childhood. His skill developed and made many daisaku blades for his father. He succeeded to the head of the Osaka Gassan school after his father's death in 1918. Gassan Sadakatsu made swords primarily for the Emperor, the Royal families and the Imperial Household Ministry. These people commissioned swords for their own use as well as for giving away to high ranking officers of the Imperial Militrary,

Masahito, Prince Hitachi is a member of the Imperial House of Japan and the younger brother of Emperor emeritus Akihito. He is the second son and sixth born child of Emperor Shōwa and Empress Kōjun and is third in line to the Chrysanthemum Throne.
The blade is in very nice polish housed in a shirasaya. The hamon is notare with nioi and nie and hada is itame.
The mounts are Japanese army in good condition with the exception of the tsuka ito.

Time Period

Dated - 1935 A Lucky Day in November


Signed - Yoshino Yama Nihonto Gassan Seiren Saku
Shinno Denka Goseitan Kinen


Cutting edge - 27 inches
Width at Hamachi -1.25 inches

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