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A long shinto period blade in full polish. Signed "Kanemoto Godaime Kanenao", was a Mino sword smith that resided in the Akasaka area and was known as the 5th generation Kanemoto. Hada is itame, and hamon is a Sanbonsugi midare gunome. The boshi is midare-komi.
The blade is solid and in a good full polish and is good condition. The blade is housed in a nice shirasaya and with a gold foil habaki.
The blade has a older NTHK paper by Yoshikawa sensei.

Time Period

Kanbun Shinto Period - 1660's


Signed - "兼元五代目兼直" - Kanemoto Godaime Kanenao" with NTHK Kanteisho (Sensei Kentaro Yoshikawa)


Cutting edge length - 29.2 inches (74.2 cm)
Width (at ha-machi) - 1.26 inches (3.21cm)

Sori - 0.42 inches (1.08 cm)
Thickness- 0.30 inches (7.8 mm)

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