Ishiguro School Yoshisato

Juhosai Yoshisato (Can be read as Yoshiaki) was a soft metal worker from the school of the very famous Ishiguro Masayoshi.  He worked in the late Edo period.   Originally from Nagasaki in Hizen, he went to study under Masayoshi to futher his skills as a kinkoshi.  His best works are those similiar to this example, with the design of a dragon on a shakudo sukashi plate.  This tsuba is done very well.  The style of "namako sukashi" or what is known a sea cucumber silhouette, is well known from the tsuba design made by Miyamoto Musashi. The very excellent shakudo plate has been refinished to have a velvety texture for the base surface.  The dragon has been carved very well, not being limited by the restricted thin rim area.  By looking at the detail and layout of this tsuba, one can see that he had achieved a very high level of skill, thus also showing the skill of Masayoshi's students.   The Ishiguro School put out many outstanding works during the 1800's.

Signed - Juhosai Yoshisato (Kao)


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