Wakizashi: Yamashiro No Kami Kunikiyo

Manji Yon-nen San Gatsu Ju-ku Nichi

Yamano Kauemon Nagahisa (Kao)

Futatsu-do Kiri-otoshi

Jidai:    Early Shinto

Horikawa School  

This sword is by the First generation Yamashiro No Kami Kunikiyo. Since this is an above average work from this smith, we are fortunate to be able to see such a great example for study. Originally from the Shimada School, Kunikiyo went to train under the famous Horikawa Kunihiro and went to become one of the better smiths from that school. This being the case, is very outstanding because many great smiths had come from this school such as Kunisuke, Kunimichi, Kunisada……

Kunikiyo worked in both Suguha as well as Midare done in the Soshu style. Later generations specialized in this as well, but more in the Suguha tradition which resembles the Hizen style of Suguha.We are lucky to have both the Shodai as well as an example of the Nidai for this months study, especially since one is done in the Soshu style and the other in the Suguha tradition. This example of the Shodai is done in the Soshu midare style often found in Horikawa works. The wide shape with the extended point as well as with the Soshu style horimono should lead you to the Shinto period, then to the Horikawa School. The Nie in the Hamon is strong and of good quality, with a different look than that of the Koto or Shinshinto period. As for the Jigane, the so-called “Horikawa” Hada-mokume with masame mixed being a little “hada –tachi” or rough. This is a key trait in identifying swords from this school

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